/The Best Bathroom Products In Australia

The Best Bathroom Products In Australia

Whether your bath area is small or expansive with many facilities including bathtub and walk-in-shower, you would want to equip it with a matching bath vanity. Here you have the option to choose a wooden product, metal or make vanity with brick and mortar.

Have a look at the range of rustic bathroom vanities before deciding on a vanity. Rustic wooden designs would attract your attention and you would certainly want to buy one for your bath. You would get many options as these bathroom products Australia come in a wide range of designs. Made from kiln dried pine and reclaimed barn wood, these products look simply attractive.

Why use wooden products?

There is a reason to fear from keeping wood in bath area. The moist atmosphere of the area could spoil the wood and reduce its life. But it isn’t correct in case of vanities as they are made to withstand moisture. The products come painted with weather proof coating that prevents them from coming into contact with moisture.

Another apprehension about wooden cabinets is they can’t match with glazing tiles and wall paint and overall interior décor of a bath. The second apprehension might be true but an experienced designer can design matching cabinets for bath areas. You need to see the range of bath cabinets available in the market before making an opinion on them.

Design of a wooden bath cabinet

The top holds the sink that could be made of porcelain or metal. It accommodates sink and also provides space for keeping accessories like soap, cream and shampoo. The body hides plumbing and also provides space for keeping towels and bathrobes. The spacious design can accommodate toiletries and, in this way, help in keeping the bath area clean.

There are many designs from round leg cabinet to dual sink cabinet that can accommodate two sinks, if your bath has two sinks one for him and another for her. A wide range of designs is available and new designs are launched every other day.

Buyers also get option of buying custom fit bath cabinets. If you are unsatisfied with the available designs, you can order a custom fit design and get the product that matches with your bath.

Rustic bathroom vanities are in demand and this is evident from availability of these products. They look old but they are young. They reflect old world charm but they are just perfect for modern bath areas.