/A career Guide to work From Home Jobs

A career Guide to work From Home Jobs

In the past few years, there is a growth in the popularity of work from home jobs. In among of the hectic work life, many employees find it tough to face office governmental policies and triviality. As a result, tele-working or work from home jobs are becoming a fad among employees of all sectors. Various leading IT companies like Dell, Wipro, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and SAP are selling lucrative work from home jobs. Let’s delve deep into the job market to know different facets of this kind of working superslot.

Things you may have to do work from home jobs-
A good Internet connection
Separate email accounts

Some of the popular work from home jobs are-

Telemarketing- Usually, you would need to do cold calling to potential customers or sometimes, you would also arrange meetings or appointments for sales representatives.

Writing- If you enjoy expressing your thoughts and views through written words; then writing is a great career option. You could either act as a freelancer or can associate with one company. Moreover, you can start writing for print & electronic media and can also become an online content writer. If you love writing, then you will find countless options to explore.

Customer service- Due to the energy of the Internet, it is possible to act as a remote customer agent. You would need to answer phone calls and feed data into the company’s online system.

Consulting-If you possess some specialized knowledge in particular sectors, then you can start your consultancy business from home. However, you need to first establish your credibility in the market and then only you will be able to expand your client base.

Sales jobs- It is feasible to do sales jobs from home via phone or Internet. You may get commission also if you hit or exceed the point.

Data entry jobs- It is a simple job and you will just need to type, alter and organize the information in a chronological pattern, which might be stored by the company in its database.


The salary depends on your job type. If you are working as a full-time employee, then you will get an annual compensation and other perks like insurance, special wage, medical, etc. If you are working on a part-time basis, then you can chalk out a payment plan with the employer and on the basis of the plan, you will be getting your remuneration.